Is Poland known for skitouring?

Poland has a lot to offer to skitour lovers and surprisingly not only in the Tatra mountains.

Ski touring is becoming more and more popular in Poland and the number of lovers of the sport is growing every year. We would like to briefly introduce you the possibilities of ski touring in our country.


In our highest mountains, we have approx. 200 km of trails available for alpine skiing. This allows you to choose the route adapted to the degree of avalanche risk, snow conditions, skiing skills or condition. Everyone will find a place for themselves in the Tatras! The only thing you need to remember is that we operate within the Tatra National Park and we must comply with their regulations. Therefore, we will not go down every gully that interests us, or go to the mountains in late spring, when the animals wake up from their winter sleep.

In the Tatra Mountains, we can choose our route in terms of difficulty. The easiest trips are described on our website:

  • Kuźnice- Polana Kalatówki
  • Kuźnice- Hala Gąsienicowa
  • Kuźnice- Kasprowy Wierch
  • Witów- Magura Witowska
  • Dolina Małej Łąki- Dolina Kościliska- Dolina Tomanowa
  • Cyrhla- Wielki Kopieniec- Nosalowa Przełęcz- Kuźnice

Other easy tour suggestions include:

  • Kuźnice- Hala Kondratowa
  • Zazadnia- Rusinowa Polana- Gęsia Szyja

The slightly more difficult routes are:

  • Chochołowska Valley – Rakoń
  • Chochołowska Valley – Wołowiec
  • Chochołowska Valley – Trzydniowiański Wierch
  • Chochołowska Valley – Jarząbczy Wierch
  • Kuźnice- Kopa Kondracka
  • Kuźnice- Karb

Other suggestions for a slightly more difficult trip:

  • Kuźnice- Liliowa Przełęcz
  • Kościeliska Valley – Ciemniak
  • Morskie Oko- Wrota Chałubiński

Routes for the most advanced skiers:

  • Kuźnice- Świnicka Przełęcz
  • Kuźnice- Kozia Przełęcz
  • Kuźnice- Zawrat

Other tour options for advanced skiers:

  • Morskie Oko- Szpiglasowy Wierch
  • Morskie Oko- Rysy


The second highest mountain range in Poland also gives us the opportunity to practice ski touring. A popular ski touring trip is definitely going to the top of Pilsko. The second place in this mountain range is the Babia Góra National Park. Unfortunately, the regulations of the Park prohibit descending from Babia Góra (the highest peak in Poland not located in the Tatra Mountains), but we can find here some other ski proposals, such as:

  • Górny Płaj- Markowe Rówieńki
  • Górny Płaj- Sulowa Cyrhel- Rybna- Border of National Park
  • Sokolica- Krowiarki


We don’t have to convince you for a long time that the Bieszczady Mountains are a great place for skitour trips. Anyone who has been in these mountains at least once knows that there is a lot of terrain to explore. If only winter is good and there is a lot of snow, you should go to the Bieszczady! You must know that these mountains are other than the Tatra Mountains – the elevation does not count there, but the space we have to face with. Before you go skitouring in this region of Poland, you need to be able to use a map and a compass so as not to get lost among the dense beech forests. The most popular ski touring routes are on the hillsides of Połoniny, Mała Rawka and Wielka Rawka, but we can also find here more wild areas which are less frequented by tourists, such as Łopiennik, Chryszczata or Hyrlata. But be careful! Bieszczady is an area for experienced skiers who are not afraid of downhill runs in dense forests and they like to slalom between trees.

There are still many mountain ranges in our country and it is impossible to describe them all. From other places, it is definitely worth going to Turbacz (Gorce), Śnieżka (Karkonosze) or the Beskid Niski.

See you in the mountains 🙂